Saturday, January 30, 2010

Global Advertisers

‘Nothing goes waste’ and so recession. Where people were crumbling for recession, it has actually taught us how to beat worst situation and also paved way for many ideas, new lateral thinking and talent.

Wobbling market of 2009 has brought huge reduction in spends by companies, else entire sectors went off advertising. To cope up many media owner started offering discounts and schemes, which has actually resulted in heavy losses.

When nothing works, we search for ‘Something’ that will work. It was time, when we thought of reviewing Market, consumer behavior, and also how we can give more to companies, without occurring losses. While study, we have considered top four categories of advertising in OOH - retail and real estate, Telecom service providers, Media and entertainment, Banking and Mutual funds.

Consumers always seeks for value for their money, they want more and quality by spending less. We found that, Indians are not shoppers, they are buyers. They usually don’t spend much time on searching, browsing, or comparing. 80% Indians step out of their house with mission of buying, picking up brands that are important to them, ones used for long time, or product which has grabbed their attention, which they think could give them best usage and value for their money.

At the same time, Companies which were occurring losses despite of providing best services were looking for something, which will help them to retain and attract new consumers, and profits.

So, we started giving media solutions according to company, product, consumer, and market situation. We thought of rotational schemes, creative and innovation, best Media Mix and upgrading media quality, which allowed Flexicasting to companies, i.e. flexibility of doling out multi category advertising options for given time and budget. It incorporates regular OOH advertising, like mobile vans, station branding, neon signs, etc. and some exclusive advertising options like inside multiplexes, amusement parks, Subways, etc.

Even for IPOs of ARSS and Aqua Logistics, Global has introduced path-breaking media strategies and futuristic technology that have transformed the image of outdoor advertising. Global Advertisers poised to help ARSS and Aqua raise crores from the market to fund their ongoing projects and future growth.

Sometimes discount and barter happened but has benefited clients in the form of cost savings and the agency in the barter value received.

Every worst situation is challenge, which gives you opportunity to grow. Now as we have brought so many new solutions, 2009 was ‘Year of Correction and perfection’, and 2010 will be ‘Year of growth’.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

IPOs enjoy Global edge

ARSS Infrastructure and Aqua Logistics IPO’s enjoy Global edge. 
Global Advertisers brings “clear-cut advantage" in what is otherwise a very challenging market for IPO. Armed with 15 years of unmatched experience in handling over 50 topmost IPO’s, Global Advertisers is poised to help ARSS and Aqua raise crores from the market to fund their ongoing projects and future growth.  Global’s highly strategic and prominent hoardings from Mumbai to Bhubneshwar are put to task to the make the IPO’s oversubscribed in a record time.
As you read this, an army of conventional as well as high-end billboards are grabbing eyeballs of millions – encouraging them to take a wise investment decision.  These outdoor ads are catching attention of the people at the perfect moment – walking or driving to work in the morning, when mind is clear. Most interestingly, Global’s outdoor creative for the IPO’s are quick and easy distraction in the competitive advertising environment.  

Moreover, Global Advertisers’ ahead-of-its-time infrastructure and highly-committed taskmasters work round-the-clock to give corporate heavyweights more than desired. Headed by Mr. Sanjeev, the face of revolution in IPO advertising, has introduced path-breaking media strategies and futuristic technology that have transformed the image of outdoor advertising.  He has tapped new avenues for MNC’s demanding exclusivity with first-of-its-kind media innovations.  The think-tank behind the dynamic agency, Mr. Sanjeev challenges the creative levels everyday to successfully build brands and launch IPO’s across the nation. 

In the past, Global Advertisers had intelligently used outdoor media for Godrej Properties, Bank of Baroda, Janmat, Lotus, 20 Microns Ltd. Austral Coke, Thomas Scott, Export, Jindal Cotex Hilton, Globus Spirit,  Omnitech, Avon Weighing Systems, Ltd.,  Varun Industries Ltd., etc to oversubscribe their IPOs with an overwhelming response.

How to make Outdoor Advertising work in your favor during IPO. 
Build brand equity: Launch, re-launch or build a brand by increasing the brand awareness using innovative outdoor ads.
Make an impact: Create a lasting impact by using the media creatively. Use a spectrum of colors, fonts and styles to make your outdoor IPO ad eye-catching and appealing.
Reach large audiences at low cost: Reach large yet specific audiences at a lower cost as compared to the other media.
Segment market to target unique customers: Segment the market and advertise according to area's specific requirements. For example, to reach the workforce of BKC, do corporate branding in that particular area.
Compliment other media: Use it in combination with the other media to increase the impact of the campaign. It can serve as a reminder to reinforce the brand image for sustained brand awareness.