Thursday, April 14, 2011

Global Advertisers & Lions Club unite to support Anna Hazare

Global Advertisers & Lions Club unite to support Anna Hazare

Proud & loudProud & loud
MUMBAI: It's time we fight back. It's time we decide to uproot the innate corruption that breeds within our very own nation's bureaucracy and administrative system. It's time we support Anna Hazare.

Large format displays spreading the messageLarge format displays spreading the message
And therefore, in a bid to participate in the destruction of this eroding government system, Global Advertisers has partnered with the Lions Club to spread the message in Mumbai.

Towering & imposingTowering & imposing
Hoardings have been deployed at strategic locations within the city. Hoardings in prominent areas of Mumbai such as Marine Drive, Prabhadevi, Dadar and Bandra have been put up to display Anna's message to all 'mumbaikars'.

Sanjeev GuptaSanjeev Gupta
Commenting on this initiative and in support of the movement, Sanjeev Gupta, managing director. Global Advertisers, said, "We completely support this campaign against corruption. I firmly believe that we can make a difference by coming together and fighting against corruption and bureaucracy. Social activist Anna Hazzare has provided us with a platform to raise our voice and be heard. Hence, we have decided to participate in this protest along with Anna!"

High visibility pledge for supportHigh visibility pledge for support
This is another sterling example of an OMO coming forward in support of a noteworthy cause.