Green Revolution in Outdoor Advertising

Company Brief
Mumbai, August 19, 2011

Food, Fashion, Real-Estate, Automobile, Telecomm and thousands of other companies trying to establish symbiotic relationships to being green or those going green are out there promoting, selling and engineering how to gain market share. Outdoor advertising breaking the clutter with Innovation full of Inspiration through Green wall, the concept of west is seeding in India. Doing things bigger and better and in a way that has never done before, Global Advertisers has taken an initiative to bring them here. Freshness of Green walls will be a treat to Indian eyeballs, natural herbs with pungent fragrance can engage two most important senses of Indian Consumers. Green walls have been very popular in west countries for marketing and branding initiatives of various brands such as Mc Donald, Coca-Cola, PNB bank.. Green billboards also amplifies companies sensitivity towards the environment and Consumer.

The corporate identity of any company changes with the usage of such billboards as Green walls enhances the brand recall vale more than 50%. Global Advertisers, Managing Director, Sanjeev Gupta believes that "there is a common psychological expectation and response for what are used to seeing vs. seeing something unexpected. Green walls will be used for not only attracts attention, but to attract positive attention to their products and services."

The intention is clear! Marketing through environment, the fact is there is much more to green wall marketing than just a cool trend, and we're just seeing the beginning of their possibilities in the Indian advertising market place.

Green Revolution in OOH-Green walls as new marketing trends