Thursday, December 26, 2013

Outdoor industry preferred by the brands in 2013


The tough market conditions have compelled various brand categories to advertise on out-of-home medium in the year 2013. Brands were looking up to the medium to make up for the low sales period persisted due to economic slowdown.

Prospects for out of home as communication segment has brightened as brands go on marketing overdrive. However, spends were not as high as in the previous years. We at Global Advertisers believe that there are good avenues to explore in outdoors when the sentiments of the market are looming.

There are few reasons why brands included outdoor advertising in their media plans in 2013:

More buyers on the road…

Outdoor campaign appeal directly to the consumers: this medium connects with the end consumer and establishes a personal connection to leave a lasting impact on them. During the season time, out of home advertising increases effectiveness, creates greater impact and generates higher engagement with audiences. With the general tendency amongst consumers to save money while shopping, these outdoor campaigns influence the buying decision of customers mostly. Thus, brands are on the lookout for multiple avenues to attract consumers – be on the streets or inside a shop.

Suitable for all budgets

Slowdown times force companies to tighten their marketing budgets. Thus, it becomes imperative for brands to use their money smartly. The outdoor medium has the least spillover effect in comparison to other media vehicles. Outdoor advertising is an effective way to communicate with the masses and the perfect gateway which helps brands to engage with customers and also has high re-call value.

Thinking beyond the walls

There is a lot of creative freedom in outdoor advertising with the creative, locations, need, size, and for many other specific reasons. OOH media can complement brands’ communication strategy by showcasing innovative and creative outdoor advertising, reaching out to the world on the move. It spreads message to diverse target groups and create an admiration in the minds of the audiences

Taking a brand to customer's doorstep

Today, localisation of advertising campaigns and promotional activities has become an important factor for brands, the main reason being that it can boost brand awareness and sales. It also deepens the connection due to the fact that people feel the impact more if a message is conveyed to them in a language that they understand the most.

The stronger the understanding, the stronger would be the urge to buy a product.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Bollywood animation movies explore new avenues of publicity with Global Advertisers

Mumbai: 24 December, 2013: 

India’s most renowned mythological drama film ‘Mahabharat’ has been animated and ready to be released in 3D on 27th December across Mumbai. The film is directed by Amaan Khan, produced by Kushal Kantilal Gada and Dhaval Jayantilal Gada. Global has structured the campaign of Mahabharta on following projections: Leverage the Christmas fever, engage with families & youngsters and create buzz for never seen before animation. Commenting of this, Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers said “Marketing of movies in India has completely changed, it has become more innovative, unique in approach to tap new markets, explore new outdoor formats to create lasting impact on viewers. This year, we have done promotion of several animation movies such as....The biggest challenge of promoting these movies is to create value for money proposition for movie buffs.”

In this movie, several actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit, Ajay Devgn, Vidya Balan, Sunny Deol, Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Manoj Bajpayee, Deepti Naval have been signed up for the characters in the film. Mahabharat is peddled as most expensive animated film in Bollywood.

Mahabharat 3D Movie - 2013 - Outdoor Advertising in Mumbai
Mahabharat 3D movie 2013 outdoor Promotion in mumbai
Movie Promotion - Mahabharat 3D Movie 2013
Mahabharat 3d movie 2013 - Hoarding in Mumbai

OOH Media in Mumbai - Mahabharat 3D Movie 2013
Mahabharat - Bollywood Animation Movie
Mahabharat 3D Movie 2013 - Movie Promotion in Mumbai
Outdoor Advertising - Mahabharat 2013
Mahabharat 2013 - Outdoor Ads
Mahabharat 2013 - Outdoor Promotion 

Global Advertisers wishes Merry Christmas


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Slow Down the Slowdown with OOH

Brands are not built in one season or even in a single business cycle. Good times, bad times, okay times, you have to stay visible in the market place and stay connected to your demographic. In fact, it is wise to go all out and actually increase ad spend when others are reining in their horses and cutting marketing costs.

This contrarian step – spending on marketing when everyone is cutting costs – is also wise from another perspective. Maybe, if you play it right, you can actually greater visibility for your brand in your budget. We have created some amazing value for money packages on our hoardings and other outdoor media properties that offer tremendous value for money to our clients.

We are responding to the current slowdown by creating specialized out of home media solutions packages for specific sectors like banking, financial services, insurance, retail and real estate. The advice is free, the payment terms are flexible and we accept barter. Trust me, the situation is tight but there are strategies to deal with the situation that work wonders!

There are ways to slow down the slowdown!

Sanjeev Gupta is MD, Global Advertisers (, India’s leading Out of Home Media Solutions Company based in Mumbai. He can be contacted on 9820082849 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Global's promote Adlabs imagica in Mumbai

Outdoor Advertising - Adlabs Imagica in Mumbai

Advertising in Mumbai - Adlabs Imagica

OOH Promotion in Mumbai - Adlabs Imagica
Hoarding in Mumbai - Adlabs Imagica
Billboard in Mumbai -Adlabs imagica
Outdoor Ads - Adlabs Imagica
Adlabs Imagica Outdoor Advertsing 
Adlabs Imagica - Outdoor Promotion in Mumbai
Outdoor Ads - Adlabs Imagica
Adlabs Imagica - Hoarding Ads in Mumbai 
Adlabs imagica - OOH Media in Mumbai
This winter season celebrate Adlabs Imagica
This winter season celebrate Adlabs Imagica - Mumbai
Adlabs Imagica - Indias first international standard theme park

Best theme park in mumbai - Adlabas Imagica
Adlabs Imagica Theme Park - OOH Media Mumbai
Adventure Park Mumbai - Adlabas Imagica
Outdoor Promotion in Mumbai - Adlabas
Adlabs Imagica - Advertising
Adlabs Imagica - Theme Park - Mumbai