Tuesday, June 30, 2015

With the onset of monsoons in Mumbai, Zeel Rainwear goes outdoor

NZ Seasonal Wear, the company that manufactures rainwater protection apparel Zeel and Water-Fighter has recently launched a high octane 10 day outdoor campaign in Mumbai taking 30 premium sites for promoting its brand ‘Zeel’. According to the company, though Zeel and Water-Fighter are both water resistant apparel meant for Mumbai monsoon-wear, Zeel is more fashion oriented utility based premium products and caters to the youth, whereas Water-Fighter has been manufactured keeping in mind the generic economical class who want value for money.

Partnering with global advertisers with the onset of monsoons in the county, the brand has taken 30 large format premium sites in Mumbai covering areas like Thane, Parel, SCLR, Mira Road and Opera house among others. The creatives pitch the brand ambassador Vivek Oberoi sporting Zeel Rainwear with the communication ‘Be Monsoon Ready’, the communication also highlights that the brand is meant for all age groups and its associate brand Water Fighter.

"Rainwear is a seasonal product manufactured by multiple players branded and unbranded that relies greatly on impulse purchases and is often of poor quality. Zeel Rainwear promises quality, and durability along with style quotient. It asks buyers to not merely consider rainwear as protective wear but as a statement of style, and urges people to be 'monsoon ready' and not consider rains as an occasion when fashion and style have to take a backseat. Our campaign strategy, site selection and execution factored these insights into the mix, which is why the impact has been so good," says Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Reality Redefined promotes World Real Estate Broker’s Day in Mumbai

Established in 2008, Reality Redefined was founded with the aim of organising the real-estate industry by using technological solutions. This year the organisation conceptualised ‘The World Brokers Day’ as a tribute to the broker and support to the community that drives real estate. The event included the launch of RSquare, India’s exclusive app for brokers, and Agentsearch.in which is a dedicated agent search portal that is completely free to use.To popularise the same, Reality Redefined rolled out an outdoor campaign in South Mumbai, suburbs, Thane and Navi Mumbai to spread awareness as well as set the mood for the World Real Estate Broker's Day. The campaign creatives highlight the app Rsquare and the theme as well as display a message that says ‘time to thank your real estate broker’ with images of a family in some and professionals in others. 
"The idea is to reach out to the broker community across Mumbai and surrounding townships and honor the broker's all-important role in the real estate ecosystem. The idea is to bring together all real estate brokers on one platform so that they can combine their strengths and lend power to retail selling. We studied the market, the brand positioning of the event and the targeted demographic and planned our campaign over several meetings before doing our bit to make it happen," says Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers.
According to the asset owner, the campaign is attracting wide attention from brokers across Maharashtra. "We should get an even clearer picture in the the next two weeks. The campaign is going all guns. Thanks to the client and our team, the campaign has generated a great response from all quarters," adds Gupta.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Paradise Group extends its promotional campaign in Mumbai

Paradise Group, the 20 year old real-estate company which claims to have 75 projects across Navi Mumbai, has recently rolled out a campaign in the city to promote its 42-acre Sai World City Project in Palaspe-Panvel. The objective of the campaign is to get sale registrations for the project that promises 13, 42 storey towers, luxury homes, themed landscaping, clubs and open green spaces. 

The real-estate group has partnered with Global Advertisers for executing the promotional campaign across the city for a period of one month. The Paradise Group’s Sai World City Project campaign which has mainly employed hoardings and gantries, highlights and showcases prominent buildings from London, Paris, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo as part of the imagery to communicate that the luxury homes will be built on an ‘international’ concept.

Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers, says that the response of the campaign has been very good which has resulted in the extension of the campaign. “The site selection was done after several meetings with the client. The targeted demographic, the project’s positioning and the strengths of the brand were factored into the campaign that covers the best of neighbourhoods in the eastern and western suburbs. The going has been really good. We, on our part are happy, that the client is happy,” he adds.

Andheri, Panvel, Bandra and Mankhurd are a few areas where the campaign has been put up. Apart from the imagery and the generic communication about the project, few of the large format billboards also carry a cut out of the Sai World City Panvel logo cut-out along with Paradise’s logo and a call to action number to prompt property registrations.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Benefits of Digital Billboards in India

1. Flexible Medium :
Put any design; a caricature, a movie clip or stunt on a digital billboard if you please. It is fast, flexible and offers great scope for creative expression.

2. Bright and colourful :
With digital billboards, every day seems like Diwali. It is bright, luminous and colorful. A skyline filled with billboards is magical, romantic and exciting. A city is known by its skyline and lighting. Digital billboards add that extra festive cheer 24 X 7X 365.

3. Eye catching :
For brands, nothing catches the eye like a digital billboard, which writes a message with light against a dark black sky. This becomes even more striking when the digital billboards skirt the sea line in a city like Mumbai or Cochin.

4. Destination Branding :
Several important locations in global cities like London, Hongkong, Singapore and Tokyo get their visual appeal from their giant-size digital billboards who give the sites a carnival-like air. India could use this medium to create tourist destinations, 24X7 tourist enclaves and safe nightlife districts.

5. Futuristic Medium:
The future is digital. When commerce, communication and entertainment are all taking the digital direction, it is expected that outdoor advertising in India will rise up to the digital challenge by rising up to face it. See in this light, digital is not just another choice but a pressing need.