Healthcare industry

Global Advertisers is an outdoor agency based out of Mumbai, founded in 1996. In this long journey, the agency has added many accolades: 500 Campaigns, 200 Product Launch, 150 In-Film Branding, 500 Event Sponsorship etc…..
Today, we are in 21st century, we have witnessed more brands, more people, more stress, more pressure, increasing competition causing lifestyle & chronic diseases…Life is going to be tougher and attest Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the fittest”.

In such a scenario, pharmaceutical companies, Diagnostic chains, Multi-Specialty Hospitals, Spa & Fitness Centers, Hair Clinics, Cosmetic Centers and Weight management centers have brought new medicines, treatments and technology for the betterment of health care industry of India. 

Therefore, being a communication specialist, we at Global Advertisers has launched special advertising packages” for these organizations to help these brands in spreading awareness for their special treatments, checkups, medicines and new technologies.
For more information on our special packages, please feel free to call Amit Gupta 09820797773
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