Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Global Advertisers kicks off Rain Campaigns

Star Movies
 The monsoon season of India brings new advertisers for outdoor industry, vast variety of packages are being offered at cutting edge price for active brands in sectors such as Automobile, Real-Estate, Telecom, Electronic Products, FMCG, Accessories,  Films and Entertainment industry.

Zee Tv - Hoarding -Global Advertisers
 Global Advertisers the prime owner of strategic Hoardings in Mumbai has designed special offers for each sector as this is the time when a Mumbaikar faces heavy traffic jams on roads and likes to spend time out-of-home. Innovative approach with excellent media mix plans to reach target group of consumer becomes usual in monsoon season. 
The agency has already spread arms in Mumbai Suburb from Bandra to Dahisar by means of adding new sites in its portfolio to serve clients extensively in Western Suburbs. Hrithik Roshan starring show of Star Plus “Just Dance”, Reality shows of Zee Networks, Fictions of Sony or movie promotions of Sony Pix, Star Movies and HBO, the entertainment industry is a big spender on outdoor advertising this monsoon.

Sony Tv - Courtesy -Afaqs.com
 After thorough research and analysis on the strength and weakness of campaigns done in rainy season, the agency has made distinguish factor and   took special efforts to focus on the attention grabbing technique of the campaigns. Pole kiosk, Bus shelters are excessively used by consumer products where the traditional hoardings are still favorite to all brands .

Global Advertisers, MD, Sanjeev Gupta says “Mumbai Rains are very challenging period of our business therefore we provide competitive solution to brands by offering customized, rotational and annual plan to them for rain campaigns.”

Sony Tv
Zee Tv - Logo change - Global Advertisers
HBO - Hoarding - Global Advertisers
'Just Dance' Star TV -Global Advertisers
 The team of professionals at Global Advertisers understands the trend of the market, brands and their TG. Therefore, we have special offerings of Hoardings, Bus Media, Airport media and BTL activities for advertisers.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New opportunities for youngster in outdoor advertising


The media industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. Given the plethora of marketing, branding, media-planning and other profiles of advertising, opportunities in the media industry are endless. Young aspirants of the media industry are eager to learn the techniques and acquire expertise in various disciplines of media and the media industry in turn is demanding more trained professionals in the field. 

The Global Advertisers has taken an initiative to reduce this gap by creating on job training, part-time and freelancing working options for media enthusiast. The vision is to train aspiring media professionals and hone their skills to make skilled, dynamic and confident media personalities of tomorrow. With training ranging from Field Knowledge to Communication skill and the understanding of market trend.

Global Advertisers, Managing Director, Sanjeev Gupta believes that student will get great exposure, learning environment to earn and acquire expertise in the media industry. I many a times encountered youngsters learning or training in various media companies- Youngsters who aspired to be make it big in the fascinating media industry, youngsters who yearned to learn techniques and acquire skills to make a name for themselves. I sensed the sincere enthusiasm and ambition in them to excel in the field. I believed at this time that imparting knowledge and skill in the field would hone their skills and stand them in excellent stead in their endeavors in the field- knowledge and training that our generation was bereft of.

The attrition rate in the media and entertainment sector is currently at 25 per cent, there is an increase in people leaving the organizations and the sector itself. The sector is facing a dearth of the required skills, especially at the junior and the middle level management.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Political Parties take OOH route to be in the media

For years, posters and hoardings have been an important tool for local politicians to connect with their voters and make their presence felt. In tune with globalization and changing times, a majority of National Parties restructuring into a corporate management. Therefore, for creating awareness about their social initiatives, political campaigns, displaying hoardings of their leaders on birthdays, festivals or to announce public meetings, they have appointed specialized media agencies. 


Recently, Global Advertisers gave US President Mr. Barack Obama huge political mileage by welcoming him in India with a giant-sized billboard. at Marine Drive. The hoarding was extensively covered by the international print and online media as well as news channels. It was a one-of-its-kind iconic outdoor display that has made history in the world of outdoor media.

In Mumbai and around at least 500 political hoardings fill the skyline on a regular day. Global Advertisers, Managing Director, Sanjeev Gupta believes that “Reaching to masses has never been so easy for any political leader. We are regularly approached by many political parties in the peak season of Ganesh festival, Dr B.R. Ambedkar's birthday or on a frequent basis to communicate their social agenda through our hoardings across Mumbai and India.”

Changing marketing trends in social arena has also pushed the demands of political parties. Rallies, posters, banners are now passé. Fresh social networking ideas, innovative and interactive hoardings, mobile marketing are in vogue and at times PR agencies are handling the accounts of many a National Party.

Out-of-Home has always been popular among political parties. For hoardings are strategically located and communicate any message 24 x 7 without any breaks – forcing attention as well as desired action.

Global Advertisers has successfully designed, planned, and executed massive campaigns for national parties during several Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha elections. Political hoardings are the primary tools of communication and no wonder parties such as: Congress, BJP, NCP, MNS, Shiv Sena allot enough budget to outdoor advertising .

Recently, Global has executed public awareness campaign for National Congress Party, engaging highly visible hoarding at Sion – creating more than expected impact. Similarly, welcome hoardings for Sonia Gandhi, congratulatory hoardings for leaders, and best wishes message from political head honchos are a common sight in Mumbai’s skyline.