Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Global Advertisers - Outdoor advertising campaigns - Mumbai

Airtel outdoor advertising campaign

Bank of Baroda - Outdoor Advertising Campaign - Hoarding - Global Advertisers

Telecom Advertisement - Hoarding in Bandra - Global Advertisres

TV Channels ad campaign - UTV Bindass

Automotive Advertisements - Mini in Mumbai campaign - Global Advertisers

Mini in Mumbai - OOH Campaign - Global Advertisers

Star Plus advertising campaign - Global Advertisers

Bindass outdoor advertising campaign - hoardings in Mumbai

Teleshows advertising campaigns - Global Advertisers

Bindass - OOH Campaign - Global Advertisers

Airtel - Outdoor Advertising Campaign - Global Advertisers

Hoardings in Andheri

Hoarding media in mumbai

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  1. Digital media has taken the world by storm, Outdoor advertising is not shy of it too. Digital hoardings by Hoarding India