Sunday, December 23, 2012

Billboards gained momentum in 2012

Large size canvases, colourful illumination, strategic location, dynamic and   zbold innovations, all have contributed to the success of billboards in 2012. Giant appearance and unavoidable 24X7 presence of hoarding, 
communicates brand’s message to mass audience. Despite the cutting edge competition with LED Displays and Transit Media, hoardings are still considered as the ‘Most–Effective’ OOH media.

In 2012, an OOH campaign of a brand consists: 60 percent Hoardings, 20 percent Transit Media, 15 percent Digital Displays and 5 percent other media. Real-estate, Automobile, Telecomm, BFSI, Entertainment, and FMCG have been giving more than 50 percent preference to hoardings, while education sector allots 80 percent of their budget to hoardings for an OOH campaign.

Global Advertisers, an integrated outdoor advertising solution provider witnessed the growth of hoardings in bounds and leaps this year. The agency has revealed that the core business involves: Primarily Hoardings, Bus Media, Street furniture and Gantry.  

Sanjeev Gupta, Managing Director, Global Advertisers believe that “Indian outdoor industry is going through a transformation. New technology and modern ideas of new generation are combined to deliver the best solution to an advertiser. But, the fundamentals of business have not changed and so the demand of hoardings. This year, hoardings have been the favorite of marketers and Thane has come out as an emerging market for an advertisers.”

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