Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Slow Down the Slowdown with OOH

Brands are not built in one season or even in a single business cycle. Good times, bad times, okay times, you have to stay visible in the market place and stay connected to your demographic. In fact, it is wise to go all out and actually increase ad spend when others are reining in their horses and cutting marketing costs.

This contrarian step – spending on marketing when everyone is cutting costs – is also wise from another perspective. Maybe, if you play it right, you can actually greater visibility for your brand in your budget. We have created some amazing value for money packages on our hoardings and other outdoor media properties that offer tremendous value for money to our clients.

We are responding to the current slowdown by creating specialized out of home media solutions packages for specific sectors like banking, financial services, insurance, retail and real estate. The advice is free, the payment terms are flexible and we accept barter. Trust me, the situation is tight but there are strategies to deal with the situation that work wonders!

There are ways to slow down the slowdown!

Sanjeev Gupta is MD, Global Advertisers (www.globaladvertisers.in), India’s leading Out of Home Media Solutions Company based in Mumbai. He can be contacted on 9820082849 

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