Monday, May 27, 2013

“Jitna Phirega, Utna Charega”- Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers

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In the first half of 2012, the sale of OOH inventories dropped significantly; many sites were vacant for a longer time despite introducing new schemes. However the scenario is completely opposite to last year’s situation, the beginning of 2013 has been satisfactory so far; Global Advertisers witnessed increase in the number of OOH campaigns. TV channels, Builders, small retailers, cars, and online shopping portals had included outdoor advertising in their marketing plan. There were budget constraints but with some highs and lows, Global Advertisers sailed through the first half of 2013.
Recently, the new policy of FDI in Retail has shown promising growth for outdoor advertising industry. Keeping the advertisers and consumer in mind, we launched customized packages for each industry, offered them easy payment options, value addition services via our digital marketing team, public relation services and many other more value addition packages. And, we have got huge response for these schemes. Overall, Global has done quite well in this first quarter and our strategies changes with customers, seasons and festivals.
Today, we need to stand together to re-built the standards of ooh players, orgnaise the big and small players of outdoor advertising industry.
We request Indian outdoor associations to set up a monitoring system and award ceremonies for OOH media to improvise the experience for clients as well as for the players while doing an outdoor campaign.
A famous “Marwadi Author” says that Jitna Phirega, Utna Charega”…..we at Global firmly believe in this quote because we introduced several schemes in this profession to provide best returns to our clients. We make sure that we give them best ROIs possible.

Trends ….
As a supportive advertising medium, most of the campaigns belong to entertainment & films, banks, real estate, garment, jwellery and some small retailers also enjoyed the OOH publicity created by Global Advertisers. Marketers preferred large size displays (120X40, 80X80, 60X80 etc), prominent locations and innovation. With the expansion plans of various brands, Global has also opened four regional divisions to meet the requirement of the clients of different needs. Our new sites at traffic junctions, highways, residential areas, business complexes, shopping malls, local markets, colleges have remarkably increased the number of eyeballs towards our campaigns.

Expectations …..
The second half of the year always brings smile on our face as it will be filled with festivals. After monsoon, all the industries will be active; therefore we have lot of expectations from the next half. There will be new challenges, competitions and new customers but we will continue to sail through out. 

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