Monday, June 24, 2013

Global Advertisers launches Live Chat & Skype for advertisers

Global Advertisers launches Live Chat & Skype for advertisers

In this fast paced life when advertisers get everything ready for their marketing campaign, they feel blessed. In the present scenario where meeting project deadlines, launching of new product or services on time, certainly adds value to brand’s image. Therefore, to make an advertisers life easy, it becomes very important to save their time and energy. Hence, India’s premier outdoor agency Global Advertisers has revolutionized the old approach of meetings, discussions and interactions by setting up an online business model. Now, advertisers can save their time and get the best deals for outdoor campaign by just clicking onto Global’s official website. The LIVE CHAT & SKYPE account of Global Advertisers will immediately connect the user with Global’s representative.

Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers, says “to save time, energy and improve the quality of customer relationship, we have started LIVE CHAT services. We believe that in an era of digital communication, the presence of a company on various digital platforms help the business to grow in manifolds. This initiative will further enhance our reach, reduce the time-gap and expedite the execution of outdoor campaign.”
To avail these services, advertisers will have to submit their details online including name, mobile number and their requirement. This information will be directed to Global’s representative immediately who will take over the chat.

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