Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nashta for the dimaag

 Kellogg's cornflakes ties up with Meru Cabs to dish out a breakfast on the move to surprise passengers on the move 

28 May 2014, Mumbai: Are you among those who do not feel like eating when you are about to leave home in the morning but feel the pangs 30 minutes after you step out. Well, Kellogs has a solution for you. Have Kellogg's healthy "Anaaj ka Nashta" in a box in your car as you commute to work everyday.

Save on time, eat exactly when you are hungry and eat healthy. Kellogg's breakfast was served in 100 Meru cabs in each of the four metropolitan cities of India. The idea, says an article published in Outdoor Asia, was to capture people who tend to skip their breakfast due to lack of time and engage them over a healthy breakfast in the cab.

The breakfast kit included a Kellogg’s Muesli breakfast pack, a spill proof deep bowl, a 100ml milk carton, sugar, spoon and a tissue. Chauffeurs used hand sanitizers before handing the kit over to the customer. The hundred cars that have been chosen are not known to the customer beforehand, which introduces a "happy surprise" element to the campaign.

"Solutions that fit into the fast paced life that we lead today are always welcome. Kellogg's campaign has managed to make a connect because it is simple, well-thought and engages the target customer in a way that is extremely friendly. When the commute is over an hour long, it is easy for the chauffer to open up a quality conversation. Great concept, great planning, excellent execution," said Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global Advertisers, an outdoor media giant based in Mumbai.

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