Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Big ideas build strong brand through outdoor : Sanjeev Gupta

Sanjeev Gupta - M D Global Advertisers 
Till the mid-1960s a brand focused on product-based campaign but now the trend has changed. To create iconic impact brands, we will have to be brave, liberal and open-minded. The content needs to be varied and relevant from present day scenario -from politics, music and entertainment, to art and culture, women empowerment, scams, sports and many more. India being such a diversified country with various beliefs and rituals and so a brands needs to understand various touch points offered but outdoor medium.

The quality of outdoor media plays an important role in reaching out to its consumer and the success of an outdoor campaign.  Also, the importance of creative in the outdoor space is widely known and hence a simple innovation can make a big difference. Today, popular brands of each segment advertise on out-of-home to generate sales and awareness.

For the record, Global has spearheaded the revolution in outdoor media – arresting consumers’ attention as well as driving home the message effectively. Mobile vans, taxi, bus shelter, Z-boxes, street furniture, fleet graphics, digital displays at mails and multiplexes, ferries, amusement parks, airplanes, swimming pools and rest rooms have been creatively exploited by Global to communicate with consumers on the go. 

That explains why Global has been the leading outdoor media partner for all major sectors over the last 18 years. Call Now Mr. Amit Gupta - 9820 797 773 Or Email

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