Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How to market your product without spending any cash - Global Advertisers

You have a product/ service you believe in. You have great offers to attract your 

customers and you have even worked out the reason why your product would be 

preferred over those produced by competitors. But you have very little cash to spend on 


How do you take your product to the customer/client?

Well, easy. Go for the innovative barter offer available on Global Advertisers' premium 

hoardings located at all strategic locations in Mumbai. All you have to do is to decide a 

budget, discuss display dates and sites with Global and pay the value of the hoardings 

engaged by giving us your product/service worth the value of the deal. Our hoardings 

have a record of giving delivering value for every advertising rupee. We would be happy 

to explain how we can help you reach your revenue goals through innovative OOH 


No matter what your product, service or budget, you will find us extremely 

accommodating and flexible. Save that cash. Go for barter.

 Contact us now! 

Call Sanjeev Gupta on 9820082849 or log onto www.globaladvertisers.in to know more.

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