Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sanjeev Gupta's Stellar Interview For Stardust Magazine

How does it feel winning the Stardust Achievers Award in Dubai?

I feel honoured to receive the Stardust Global Achievers Award in Dubai. It’s one of the most prestigious award and I’m very proud to be bestowed by one.

You being  an awardee are a trendsetter and inspiration to others. What advice do you have for people who want to follow your footsteps?

Hard work is a key to success. It always pays off sooner or later, but one must constantly strive towards working hard, no matter what obstacles one has to face.  Just keep moving, you’ll surely reach somewhere closer to your dream destination.

How did you start your career?

20 years ago, I started Global Advertisers. However the journey began way before, when I was at the age of 16, I sold vadapavs and lassi at MM Mithaiwala. Post that I worked at a shop called Kanchan Sarees where there was an exquisite collection of sarees from all over India. I got an opportunity and that lead to the birth of Global Advertisers. Global has a monopoly in western and central railways in Mumbai. Wall painting below platforms was started by us. A venture that makes us happy. My heart was filled with pride when I saw Global’s first hoarding at Marine Drive. God has been kind and with Radhe Maa’s blessing we are moving towards the company’s goal.

Can you tell us briefly about your work?

Global Advertisers executes best plans for different products, considering the needs and budget of the client. Global offers the best competitive prices, so that client gets 100% benefits. Our hoardings are located in all prime locations all over Mumbai. Global has the biggest Asia hoarding in the suburb of Mumbai at Bandra which is 16000ft canvas size display. Global Advertisers has executed 1.5 Lakhs successful campaigns, 1 Lakh product launches, 80 thousand in film branding, and 2 Lakhs event sponsorships since 20 years. We have prominent hoardings in all major parts of the city.
     Global Advertisers has won about 350 to 500 awards and appreciation letters from clients for an outstanding service provider. Global has also won CNVC Vodafone Ready For The Big League Award, All India Achievers Award, Advertising Agency Of The Year, BBC Award, India Book Of Record, Limca Book Of Record,  India’s No.1 brand Award for the last three years consecutively and many more International Awards. BBC has also intended about Global Advertisers in the reports and has specially mentioned about the hoarding and billboard which is located at Bandra suburb.

What are the trials and tribulations you faced in your career?

There were infinite trials and tribulations I faced. I was very new to this industry but as time passed by I learnt the dos and the don’ts. I worked on myself and supported my team to rise up with me. For me, quality and commitment will always be a top priority. Global has faced many challenges and we are the only agency who are owners of prominent sites and we give full fledge servicer as an agency. 

You have made India proud through your achievements 
 globally, what do you have to say about this?

My achievement is defined by my client’s satisfaction. I strive towards that mission and so does my team.  Hard work has proven to be a key to success for me and focus on giving the best has pushed me to limits that are no longer defined. Global always caters and pushes itself more than it can, they make sure to go a step ahead in providing services to its client’s.

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