Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New opportunities for youngster in outdoor advertising


The media industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. Given the plethora of marketing, branding, media-planning and other profiles of advertising, opportunities in the media industry are endless. Young aspirants of the media industry are eager to learn the techniques and acquire expertise in various disciplines of media and the media industry in turn is demanding more trained professionals in the field. 

The Global Advertisers has taken an initiative to reduce this gap by creating on job training, part-time and freelancing working options for media enthusiast. The vision is to train aspiring media professionals and hone their skills to make skilled, dynamic and confident media personalities of tomorrow. With training ranging from Field Knowledge to Communication skill and the understanding of market trend.

Global Advertisers, Managing Director, Sanjeev Gupta believes that student will get great exposure, learning environment to earn and acquire expertise in the media industry. I many a times encountered youngsters learning or training in various media companies- Youngsters who aspired to be make it big in the fascinating media industry, youngsters who yearned to learn techniques and acquire skills to make a name for themselves. I sensed the sincere enthusiasm and ambition in them to excel in the field. I believed at this time that imparting knowledge and skill in the field would hone their skills and stand them in excellent stead in their endeavors in the field- knowledge and training that our generation was bereft of.

The attrition rate in the media and entertainment sector is currently at 25 per cent, there is an increase in people leaving the organizations and the sector itself. The sector is facing a dearth of the required skills, especially at the junior and the middle level management.

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