Thursday, July 10, 2014

Top 3 points of modern outdoor advertising for brands - Sanjeev Gupta

  1. Marketers need to understand that the OOH medium is not limited to hoardings. It is a sensitive medium providing direct connection with end consumer.
  2. Brands need to be willing to pay for innovations. Underlining the immense scope for innovations in the OOH space, the medium has no placement limitations.
  3. The focus should be on creating conversations around the OOH touch points.
For the record, Global has spearheaded the revolution in outdoor media – arresting consumers’ attention as well as driving home the message effectively. Mobile vans, taxi, bus shelter, Z-boxes, street furniture, fleet graphics, digital displays at mails and multiplexes, ferries, amusement parks, airplanes, swimming pools and rest rooms have been creatively exploited by Global to communicate with consumers on the go.

That explains why Global has been the leading outdoor media partner for all major sectors over the last 18 years. 

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