Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Benefits of Digital Billboards in India

1. Flexible Medium :
Put any design; a caricature, a movie clip or stunt on a digital billboard if you please. It is fast, flexible and offers great scope for creative expression.

2. Bright and colourful :
With digital billboards, every day seems like Diwali. It is bright, luminous and colorful. A skyline filled with billboards is magical, romantic and exciting. A city is known by its skyline and lighting. Digital billboards add that extra festive cheer 24 X 7X 365.

3. Eye catching :
For brands, nothing catches the eye like a digital billboard, which writes a message with light against a dark black sky. This becomes even more striking when the digital billboards skirt the sea line in a city like Mumbai or Cochin.

4. Destination Branding :
Several important locations in global cities like London, Hongkong, Singapore and Tokyo get their visual appeal from their giant-size digital billboards who give the sites a carnival-like air. India could use this medium to create tourist destinations, 24X7 tourist enclaves and safe nightlife districts.

5. Futuristic Medium:
The future is digital. When commerce, communication and entertainment are all taking the digital direction, it is expected that outdoor advertising in India will rise up to the digital challenge by rising up to face it. See in this light, digital is not just another choice but a pressing need.

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