Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Don't spend cash on your advertising, go for barter

Global Advertiser's barter deals on Outdoor Hoardings have become very popular in a 

variety of industries like real estate, retail, fashion and fabrics, electronics, travel and 

tourism and entertainment. Global Advertisers is the owner of most number of a class 

hoarding sites in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Global's hold over OOH Media 

derives from their self-owned hoardings, Billboards and gantries at some of most 

premium spots in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. In addition to billboards, Global's 

media extends to bus media, railway media, airport media, gantries and flyover panels 

and neon signage. Global's rotational plans are extremely popular.

Log onto www.globaladvertisers.in or call on 9820797773 to know 

more about our Barter Deals.


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