Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Why you should have Gantries in your OOH plan


Global Advertisers owns the most number of gantry sites in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. A gantry, in case you are not familiar with the word, is a billboard that spans the entire breath of an important road offering a clear view of the ad displayed from long distances. Gantries are erected at some of the most important roads in a city/town/geographical location. If a big splash is what you wish to achieve, a gantry ensures that no motorist or pedestrian who passes by the road misses out on the ad. While Global Advertisers regular billboards use innovation to attract attention, they may not always be positioned to be seen over long distances. This is not the case with gantries as they cannot be missed by anyone who passes the location. Global's gantries are like their hoardings/boards available on barter basis. They can also be engaged on rotation basis where you get to rotate display of your ad over a variety of sites over a period of time. Global Advertisers also offers sponsorship to various events/ films on cash as well as barter/ quid pro quo basis. 

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